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gujaratinfo.in advertising rates

Our website www.gujaratinfo.in monthly impressionis over 15000. This impression will increased day to day.

As you know very well, in this modern era of technology, internet has become an  important organ in promoting businesses  worldwide,as most of the world is now connected through it..

We at gujaratinfo.in offer a business opportunity to our beloved readers and advertisers, of most popular information portal, to reach millions of peoples all over the world. gujaratinfo.in daily hits is 200 plus page views and monthly hits 6000 plus.

Please have a look at the rates, for displaying your advertisement on gujaratinfo.in worked out for you in the following table:

If you want to give advertisement on www.gujaratinfo.in please email to:
info@gujaratinfo.in we will contact you within 2 days.

Our online advertising rates are following (all amount in rupees):

  250 x 250 pixels (any one inside page)
Rs. 150
Rs. 1500
  250 x 250 pixels (Main page)
Rs. 300
Rs. 3000
  100 x 700 pixels - wide (Header any one page)
Rs. 400
Rs. 4000
  100 x 700 pixels - wide (Header Main page)
Rs. 500
Rs. 5000
  250 x 250 pixels (all page)
Rs. 1000
Rs. 10000
  100 x 700 pixels - wide (Header - all page)
Rs. 1500
Rs. 15000

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