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Bhavnagar Tourist Places

Bhavnagar Situated near to Ahmedabad. Bhavnagar also known by his culture. Bhavnagar city is the fast growing industrial city. This beautiful city is known for its cotton and has become the main trading centre. Nearness of Gulf of Combay and Arabian Sea has added a pace in the growth of Industry in this region. Apart from Industry, Bhavnagar is now also the main tourist attraction of Gujarat. There are innumerable tourist attractions that offer visitors to spend time in merriment. The best time to visit this city is winter season as summer is scorching hot. During winter the city gets a new image making it a perfect place for visitors to grasp the magical charm of the fabulous attractions of this place.

Gandhi Smriti
GANDHI SMRITI - It is a living tribute to Gandhiji. Opened in 1955, The Gandhi Smiriti, a complex attached to a clock tower, is located in the heart of the city. The clock tower bells tolls with timings on all four sides. The smriti has a gallery displaying photos on the Life of Mahatma Gandh, a small museum of artefacts, a big departmental Khadi Gramodyog Bhandar and a first class, well arranged running library.

Velavadar Sanctuary
Valavader sanctuary is famous for a special antelopes known as Indian Black Buck. Infact this sanctuary is the home of Indian Black Buck. This sanctuary is the main attraction of tourist. It is the best place for nature lovers, wildlife lovers, animal lovers, adventure enthusiast and holiday makers. It exotic natural beauty with rich flora and fauna catch the attention of tourist from across the world. Here visitors can see many species of deer and black buck wandering peacefully in the sprawling sanctuary.

Takhteshwar Temple
Takhteshwar temple located at the hillock near the city is the prime attraction of tourists. This exotic temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is the main pilgrimage centre of the neighboring region. It is also the main avenue of festivals and especially the birth of Lord Shiva is celebrated with great merriment at the shrine. Devotees from the nearby regions come here to offer prayer chanting the name of lord Shiva. From the top of the temple one can view the delightful sight of city, tourist spot and enchanting ship sailing along its port.

Situated, on the coast of Gulf of Khambhatand. at 10 kms from Talaja, the headquarter of Bhavnagar district is Gopnath. has a heritage hotel - Gopnath Bungalow - a sea-shore retreat of Gohil rulers. The Bungalow, built in European colonial style, has cottages and mansions adjoining the courtyard, faceing the sea with a beautiful view of the gulf. Marine life enthusiasts visit the hotel for the variety found in the rocky shores on the coast. The temple of Gopnath Mahadev, the site where Narsingh Mehta performed penance, is also reknowned.

Takheteshwar Temple
Built on a small hill top, the Takheteshwar temple devoted to of Lord Shiva, is named after Maharaja Takhtasinhji is a very popular temple. Made of pure marble this nineteenth century Temple offers a picturesque view from the temple adding serenity to the place. Thousands of people visit daily to this hilly place.

Samaldas College,
which was built as early as 100 years back, has a vast monument of Gandhi. Supposedly he completed a part of his education here.

The Barton Library along with its museum is one of the most ancient libraries in Gujarat.

The Water Lock Gate of Bhavnagar that preserves the water level of the docks is an important Tourist Attraction in Bhavnagar. It helps the ships to keep afloat even during low tides. Bhavnagar consists of numerous excellent educational institutes with exceptional architecture- Sir P. P Science Institute, Shamaldas College (Mahatma Gandhi studied here in 1884 AD), Alfred High School and Central Salt Research Institute are some of them.

Patilana is 182 m above sea level and it is the sacred pilgrimage site of Jain religion. At the foot of the hill of the Palitana flows the Shatrunjiya River whose view is beautiful but breathtaking. Along the cascading river lies the Shatrunjiya temple which has its own charm and magnificence. Devotees from across the region come here to offer prayer at the shrine. The picture perfect view of the river is sure to leave every visitor spell bound.



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