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Rajkot Tourist Places

Rakjot is quite a very beautiful and picturesque city and also the administrative headquarters of the Rajkot District. Rajkot was founded by Thakur Saheb Vibhaji Ajoji Jadeja of the Jadeja clan in the year 1612. The great Indian Leader, Mahatma Gandhi spent his early years in Rajkot during which time his father was a Diwan to one of the Saurastra Nawab. Rajkot is a town in the state of Gujarat in western India and it was here that Mahatma Gandhi, the legendary leader of India spent his early life. Rajkot was also the capital of erstwhile Saurashtra state and is located on the banks of Aji River and Niari River. The present day town of Rajkot is a flourishing business and commercial center acclaimed for its production of Diesel Engines, Kitchen Knives and other cutting appliances, Watch Parts (Watch Cases & Bracelets), Automotive Parts, Forging industry, Casting industry and Machine tools. Touristplacesinindia.com is the site providing helpful inputs about Rajkot that would be of great help to those who are planning for a trip to Rajkot.

Western museum
Located in the Jubilee Gardens, the Museum commemorating Colonel John Watson is a good introduction to Saurashtra's cultural heritage. Important exhibits are copies of artifacts from Mohenjodaro, 13th century carvings, silverware, natural history exhibits and textiles. A huge 19th century marble statue of queen Victoria is fascinating. There are many splendid portraits and photographs of royal princes of Saurashtra and European dignitaries, handicrafts, pottery and princely relics. Open from 9 to 12.30 pm nd 2.30 to 5 pm.

Gondal is a fortified town on the river Gondali and was ruled by the Jadeja Rajputs whose ruler Shri Bhagwatsinhji himself was involved in the development of the town. There are several interesting places to visit in Gondal:

  • Avlakha Palace:  The Avlakha Palace, built in 1875, is a riverside palace built by Maharaja Bhagwatsinhji for his son Yuvraj Bhojraji. The palace has beautiful carvings on balconies, pillared courtyards, and a unique spiral staircase.
  • Orchard Palace: The Orchard Palace situated amongst a huge complex of fruit orchards
  • Vintage Car Museum: For people with an interest in history and cars one can visit the Vintage Car Museum in Gondal where ~50 vintage cars belonging to the royal family are on display.
  • Swaminarayan Temple: The Swaminarayan Temple in Gondal is famous for the mural paintings on its wall. The murals are of various Swamis who follow this faith.
  • Bhuvaneshwari Stud Farm: This Stud Farm is worth a visit for animal and horse lovers. Kathiawari horses are bred here as well as Gir cattle and other ethnic livestock.

Ishwariya Temple
The Ishwariya Temple is located about 10 kms from Rajkot in the village of Madhapur.  It is set in a picturesque place with hills and a lake to complete the scene. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Shivlinga at Ishwariya Temple is called "Swayambhu".

Jagat Mandir
Jagat Mandir dedicated to Ramakrishna Paramhansa is also called as Universal temple and has an image of Lord Krishna worshipped as Dwarkadheesh. It was built in 1934 in red stones while the main shrine called as Garba Griha has a white marble image of Bhagwan Shri Ramakrishna sitting on a Lotus Vedi.The temple  has a height of 170 feet and the shrine is held in place by 60 pillars made of sandstone and granite. Aarti is held here in the evenings.

Kaba Gandhi No Delo
The Kaba Gandhi No Delo, is the ancestral home of Mahatma.  It is where Gandhiji's father, Karamchand Uttanchand Gandhi (known as "Kaba Gandhi"), resided in Rajkot while serving as the Prime Minister to the King.  Kaba Gandhi No Delo means "Kaba Gandhi’s residence". Built in traditional Saurashtra style with a central approach from an arched gateway, the home was completed in 1881.  The young Gandhiji spent his childhood, from 1881 to 1887, at this home. 
The building has a Gandhi Smriti - a permanent museum exhibition - with photos, personal belongings, and essays of Mahatma Gandhi.

Race Course
The Race Course in Rajkot is well equipped with huge grounds and open spaces. Grounds are for international cricket matches and football, volleyball, and hockey.  There is an indoor stadium of Olympic standard, a gym, and swimming pool, among other facilities. For children there is a Bal Bhavan and Children Traffic Park. The race course has well maintained gardens which are lit up at night with spot lightings.


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